Any Singaporean citizen or permanent resident will have some form of transactions with the government. Do you find it difficult and totally inconvenient to have several accounts with different departments and having to remember different passwords especially when there are rules and guidelines to follow for every account? Do you wish that you only need to remember one password? Your wish has just come true. The Singapore Personal Access Service is more fondly known as SingPass. It is a government initiative designed to offer convenience for Singaporeans through a single account for all government-related transactions.

One account for all Singaporeans

For any Singaporean who needs to carry out any transactions with the government, the SingPass account will be the one-stop avenue to do so. Launched in 2003, this project is under the purview and management of GovTech or Government Technology where there are more than 3 million Singaporeans who have SingPass. Within all that, there are more than 60 million transactions recorded in this platform.

What is so good about SingPass?

Besides being the single account that you need for liaising with government agencies and departments, having a SingPass account means that you:

  • Have access to transactions with over 60 different agencies from the government
  • You only need to remember one username and password and you are ready to go!

Eligibility to apply for SingPass

There are regulations to get a SingPass. The most important document is your NRIC, Work Permit or an Employment Pass. Besides that, you must be:

  • at least 15 years old
  • either a citizen, permanent resident or holds a Pass or Permit that needs to have transactions with the government

Straightforward and simple application

Applying for the SingPass is very simple and easy. Anyone can visit a SingPass Counter and fill in an application form. Otherwise, you can do so online by submitting your application from SingPass’ website. This will require your NRIC or the pass for authentication. For better security, the 2FA or Two Factor Authentication is used to curb identity thefts. This is most crucial when you are accessing certain information-sensitive transactions like your income tax and such. This means that you will have to enter an OTP or One-Time Password on top of your SingPass password. The OTP is a number randomly generated and sent to you via SMS and is usually valid for 2 minutes after which it will expire. For this, you will need to register your mobile number.

Using your SingPass

The SingPass account is very useful when you have constant transactions with government departments and agencies in Singapore. This include (and not limited) to log into:

  • IRAS e-Services Authorisation System
  • IRAS myTax Portal
  • IRAS e-Stamping portal
  • myHDB e-Services
  • myCPF Online Services
  • Numbers Online Registration System
  • e-Services of the Singapore Civil Defence Force

Besides that, you can use your SingPass to:

  • Pay for your CBS issued credit report
  • Renew or apply for your driving license, Employment Pass, Work Permit, S Pass and others
  • Pay for company registration
  • Make HDB season parking
  • Access
  • Checking the Silver Support Scheme through e-Services

Important information about SingPass

Here is some crucial information that you need to know about the SingPass.

  1. Your account has an expiry. This means that after a long period of time, your account will be deactivated. You can reset your password after that when you need to use the account again.
  2. There is a SingPass Hotline that provides you with technical support if you face any problems. This can be reached at +6566430555 or you can email them at
    [email protected] With more than 40 counters around Singapore, you can literally walk to any of the counters and there will someone who will be able to help you.
  3. Keep your username and password protected at all times. You do not want anyone accessing your tax information or your transactions with the government in any way. Change your passwords regularly.